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Custom Message Wristbands For Red Ribbon Week

Custom Message Wristbands For Red Ribbon Week

As the new school year gets under way, many teachers are preparing for events such as Red Ribbon Week. If you want to reinforce the message of this important program with your students, custom message wristbands from are an ideal way to do so.

The last week of October is Red Ribbon Week. The week’s events and activities are an outstanding way to teach your students the importance of a drug-free life. Custom wristbands are great for keeping the positive momentum of the week going throughout the rest of the school year.

Wristbands are popular because students love them. They’re a fun way to feel part of a special group. With Red Ribbon Week custom message wristbands, you give them a reminder of the value of living drug free. It’s one they’ll appreciate and enjoy wearing.

Styles of Custom Message Wristbands

The most popular wristband style for Red Ribbon Week is the basic debossed wristband, made like the yellow ones that started the wristband craze in the first place. The message is imprinted into the silicone material. We offer other styles at too. Choose color filled wristbands that fill in the engraved area of your debossed wristbands with paint, giving them a bright, highly legible look. Or go for silk screened bands that let you print virtually any kind of picture or logo on the wristbands. Get as creative as you want!

Custom message wristbands aren’t just for kids. Order enough for staff, teachers and parents as well. Adults wearing the same wristbands can influence your students in a positive way.

Don’t forget, wristbands make outstanding fundraisers too. They’re economical to buy and easy to sell, at a price that will add up quickly for your class trip, club, team or other activity.

Whether you need wristbands for Red Ribbon Week, Odyssey of the Mind or Destination Imagination teams, band, sports teams or any other purpose, is your dependable source. We offer the highest quality wristbands, at the lowest prices, and with the best customer service you can get. Call us today at 866.460.9411, or email us at [email protected] to find out how we can help your students have their best year ever!