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Custom Wristband Sizes For Any NeedCustom Wristband Sizes For Any Need

It’s no secret that custom silicone wristbands are a great way to promote a cause, raise funds or make a political statement. With multiple widths available, custom wristband sizes offer a tremendous amount of flexibility to state your case.

From the smallest micro bands to the largest one-inch bands, they all catch the eye and capture the attention you want to bring to your text or logo. The choice of which to use is up to you. Any reputable wristband provider can advise you on which will best suit your specific needs.

The Original Half-Inch Custom Wristband

The most popular size is the standard half-inch wristband. This is the most common size. It’s long been famous for promoting causes such as cancer research, anti-poverty efforts, and many others.

This size is versatile enough for just about any cause. In its most basic debossed form, is the most economical as well. The simple elegance of the debossed design – in which the letters are imprinted into the silicone material – makes it a classic way to make your point. It’s available in a wide range of other styles as well, including color filled, embossed, silkscreen printed and color coated.

The most common example of the half-inch size is the iconic yellow wristband introduced more than a decade ago. Sales of this small token of support for cancer patients and research have raised millions of dollars.

A Step Up: The 3/4” Wristband

The next size up, the 3/4″ custom  wristband offers all of the advantages of the standard width, but with more room for your message, logo or design. At 50% wider than the original size, it makes your message stand out more.

If you want to give your wristbands more visual impact, but find one-inch bands too big, this size is the perfect compromise. They’re available in all the same styles as the standard size bands.

Go Big … Or Go Small

If you really want to give your custom wristbands a bold look that’s impossible to overlook, go for the big guy – the one-inch custom wristband.

With double the width of the standard wristband, these big bands give you plenty of room announce your message to the world. They’re ideal for promoting bands or clubs, but can be used for virtually any cause. They’re big, bold and can’t be missed. One-inch bands are available in debossed, color-filled and silkscreen printed styles.

On the other hand, if you like a minimalist look, choose micro bands. These slender bands, only a quarter-inch in width, are truly chic. Because of their small size, they’re available only in the silkscreen printed style. That doesn’t limit your design though, because the silkscreen process allows bright colors and precise reproduction of your logo. When you want to make a big statement in a small format, micro wristbands are ideal.

No matter what size or style wristbands you need, The Wristband Factory is your Number One source for top quality and the lowest prices. We offer every size wristband on the market, and our artists are the best  in the business. We take pride in offering you outstanding customer service, and we stand behind every product we sell.

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