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Customizable Wristbands – So Many Styles

Customizable Wristbands – So Many Styles

Customizable wristbands have long been a popular way to support a cause, raise public awareness or support a favorite sports team. If you’re shopping for custom wristbands, it’s easy to find a great supplier who will help you create and order terrific-looking wristbands.

At The-Wristband-Factory, we’re dedicated to helping you get wristbands that perfectly fit your needs. Our customer service representatives and graphic artists will work with you to make sure you’ll get exactly what you want.

Choosing a wristband style is the beginning. The classic debossed wristband is the most popular and most economical. These wristbands feature your text or logo engraved into the silicone material. It’s the traditional customizable wristband look, made famous by the iconic yellow wristband of several years ago. Its simplicity gets your point across in an understated way.

Want a bolder message? Go with color filled wristbands. We start with debossed wristbands and add paint in colors of your choice. It’s a great way to make your school or team colors stand out.

If you want a message that literally rises above the ordinary, consider embossed wristbands. These are the reverse of the debossed type. The text stands out from the silicone surface of the wristband. It’s a clean, unique look.

One way to get a bright, new look is to choose color coated customizable wristbands. This style starts with a band coated with paint in the color of your choice. Then we engrave your text or logo into the silicone, and your design appears in the base color of the wristband. It’s a fresh, new take on the debossed wristband.

IF you want more color in the wristbands themselves, go for segmented or swirled. The segmented style places two or more colors adjacent to each other without blending. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for the swirled style. This mixes colors all around the wristband, similar to tie-dyeing. Both swirled and segmented wristbands are available in any style EXCEPT color coated.

Next, consider your wristband size. The standard 1/2″ wide band is the most popular. It’s stood the test of time. But you also can go for the minimalist look of micro bands (1/4”), the midsize 3/4″ or for a really bold statement the full one-inch wristband. It’s up to you.

At The-Wristband-Factory, we offer all these great options and more. We believe in giving you the luxury of choice. When we say customizable wristbands, we mean you can get them virtually any way you can imagine them!

That’s not all. We offer free shipping on non-rush orders. We feature no minimum order quantity on debossed or color-coated wristbands, and we don’t charge for artwork or revisions.

We also proudly stand behind every product we sell with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. In the unlikely event you should find a defect in either materials or workmanship in any wristband you buy from us, we’ll replace it at no extra cost to you. We’re dedicated to being your one-stop, no-problem dependable source for all your customizable wristbands!